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Under the scholarship, financial assistance is provided to the students by the Central Government, State Government, and other institutions so that they can complete their education easily. Scholarship is mainly provided according to the candidate’s educational achievement, eligibility criteria, and economic status. Various types of expenses such as tuition fees, cost of textbooks, and school admission fees are included under the incentive amount of the scholarship. Through various types of scholarships, poor students living in the country are able to complete their education easily.

About Us URAM Scholarship Portal for Indian Students
About Scholarship Scheme

URAM Scholarship Portal for Indian Students

Through this portal, we provide information in simple words about various types of scholarships to the students living in the country. This scholarship portal is fully dedicated to Indian students who want to find online scholarship information from the central government, state government, or other organizations. 

Objective of URAM Scholarship Portal

we always try to provide you with all information regarding the various Scholarship Scheme that is launched in India for our students. we also bring the latest updated information related to scholarship schemes that help our school, college, and university students to know more about scholarships according to their eligibility. after getting all information they can easily apply for a scholarship that suits their eligibility criteria.

About our Portal

Our website name is URAM Scholarship (https://uramscholarship.in/), This is a dedicated blog to provide the latest information about Scholarship Schemes and the author of this website has keen depth knowledge about the scholarship program and is fascinated to share information, updates, and news related to Scholarship schemes. Uramscholarship is not related to any government body or organization. We do not claim to be any government body or Any Organisation and we are just a news portal that covers various updates and stories.